Baked Cookie Stack
The Original Baked Cookie

Who is Cookie Doughboy?

Simply put, he is that little child in all of us who loves cookies and wants to eat them all day long! It is universally known that eating cookies will bring a smile to your face and make you happy, both on your good days and bad.

Introducing Danny and Brooke...

We are a husband and wife team who love New York and are truly obsessed with their BIG style of cookies. We love our cookies chunky and packed with flavour (no wimpy cookies for us please).  Many times throughout our 15 years together we have discussed ways in which we could work together on something that we are passionate about and would bring enjoyment to other people. Something that would make you feel good and bring back fond memories. Then it happened, that light bulb moment and Cookie Doughboy was born. Our goal is to share delicious cookies with you and deliver a dose of 'feel good' factor alongside it.
We hope you love our Cookie Doughboy cookies as much as we do and keep coming back for more xx

Our Difference

Cookie Doughboy cookies are made with your ultimate eating pleasure in mind! We use generous amounts of chocolate and nuts so that from your first bite to your last each mouthful will be equally as satisfying!
All our cookies are BIG. We mean REALLY BIG!!! Each cookie weighs in at a GINORMOUS 170 grams (raw weight). These are exactly how NYC style cookies are meant to be. Chunky and full of flavour and goodness!

We only use the best ingredients for our cookies choosing to use quality Belgian chocolate in the form of Callebaut chocolate callets (chips) and cocoa powder. Additionally we use Reece's peanut butter chips and the freshest nuts.

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked cookies, which is why we are giving you the option to purchase cookie dough balls to bake at home. Pop them in the oven, bask in the sweet smell and revel in the fact that there is no effort or clean up required! Don't want to wait for cookies to bake and cool? That's ok too...we also have ready baked cookies for purchase which you can briefly warm at home and enjoy as though you just made them! These cookies are sure to impress. The hardest decisions you will need to make are whether you want to share them or stop at one.

Chocolate w Milk and Dark Chip Baked
Ingredients - Cocoa
Ingredients - Dark Choc
Ingredients - Milk Choc
Ingredients - Peanut Butter
Ingredients - Wallnuts
Ingredients - White Choc